Katie Cohen

Secretary of Health and Wellness

My name is Katie Cohen and I am the Secretary of Health and Wellness. Through this position, I am developing initiatives that increase mental health awareness and encourage healthy habits in students, I am majoring in experimental psychology and minoring in neuroscience with the hopes of attending a PhD program in Clinical Psychology after I graduate. Besides Student Government, I am involved in research as a Magellan Scholar and serve as a Resident Mentor in the Honors Residence Hall.


Andrew Cashmere

Secretary of Health and Wellness

My dedication and passion for mental health has brought out an indescribable characteristic in myself. I struggle to put into words the thoughts, feelings and actions I experience when speaking about the stigma behind mental illnesses. The opportunity Student Government offers to use teamwork to create lasting change that is bigger than one’s self is greater than the stigma surrounding mental health. This opportunity stands in front of me to serve the people of our community and to ignite a passion to eradicate the stigma behind mental health instabilities. Taking one step forward assuring everyone that their life matters.


Austin Coale

Deputy of Health and Wellness

I am a sophomore from Charlotte, North Carolina studying psychology with minors in nutrition and business administration here at the University. Outside of classes, I enjoy running, swimming, listening to all types of music, and hanging out with friends. In Student Government, I am on the Executive Cabinet as the Deputy of Health and Wellness. In this position, I look forward to work on issues that deal with physical and mental health as well as start new initiatives as an administration that will impact the Student Body and leave a legacy for years to come. 

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