Stigma Free Professors

Students report that stress, anxiety, sleep difficulties and depression are among the top five impediments to their academic success. Professors are in a pivotal position to identify students who are struggling with their mental health and encourage a campus culture of empathy and compassion. “Stigma Free Professors” is an initiative to ask professors to include a section in their class syllabus that addresses mental health concerns and outlines the resources available to students who may be struggling. Below is a sample of what we are asking professors to include in their syllabus.

Mental Health Resources: Stress and mental health issues are some of the main things that can impact your academic success. If during the course of this class you feel you are unable to succeed due to mental health concerns, I encourage you to utilize the resources available to you on campus. You can make an appointment with the Counseling Center by calling 803-777-5223. One-on-one stress management consultations are available by calling 803-576-9393. Find more information at