Audrey Whelan

For almost ten years, Audrey has been struggling with mental health conditions. Read here as she shares her story of ups and downs, and the support she has felt from her sisters in the Greek Community.


Madison Butehorn

Madison Butehorn is a starter on the USC Equestrian team. She is a straight-A student, star athlete, and overall the perfect example of what someone should be. But like many others, Madison has suffered from mental health conditions. Read as she describes her journey through her mental health here


Brooks Herring

A small number of students at the University of South Carolina balance the life of being students, and the life of being veterans of our nation’s armed forces. On top of having families, jobs, homes, and still pushing a full course load, many of them suffer from mental health conditions. Read here about student veteran Brooks Herring's life, and the family he has found in the Student Veteran Association.


Miranda Hyatt

Miranda Hyatt has always felt like she was different. A sophomore and a member of the LGBTQ+ community, she has been struggling with mental health conditions her whole life. Read as she shares her experiences and her tips for staying mentally healthy here.


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